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Rose-Marie - Coaching & Astrology


I work with both Coaching and Astrology and my focus is on finding out what inspires you, helping you to get clear on your direction in life, improve your self-confidence and self-acceptance and help you to connect to the bigger picture of life.


If any of the following statements apply to you, coaching will be for you:

  • I've had a problem or challenge that's been around for a long time, but I've never managed to sort it out.

  • I have a pressing issue to resolve but don't know where to start.

  • Things are OK for me but could be better.

  • I seem to spend all of my life trying to catch up.

  • My life seems to be all work and no play.

  • I think things would be great if only I had …..a new job, I could lose weight, I could sell my house…etc. etc

  • I would just like to run my ideas past someone who isn't going to pour cold water over them all the time.

  • I feel isolated in my job but find it difficult to talk to colleagues in case they take it as a sign that I've failed.

  • I'm hiding relationship problems because I can't share them with family and friends, as this would feel disloyal to my partner.

  • I'm in a rut and feel too drained to get out of it.

  • I've lost direction.


  • My approach is intuitive, i.e. I allow my intuition to lead in the coaching session, so this is different from ‘Life Coaching’ (which can be very structured and mainly focus on ‘goal setting’). Each session will be totally unique. I also use Astrology as this is an extremely helpful tool.


  • I have a whole variety of techniques which I use when appropriate for example visualisation, meditations, affirmations and many other exercises. I will tailor make some practices/techniques that you can use between sessions.

  • In a session we will focus on what is important for you right now in your life and if there is a particular problem you would like to discuss. We will also look for any limiting beliefs that stop you from moving forward and we will work on releasing them.



  • Why Coaching?

  • 1. Helping you to believe in yourself. When we understand ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we also recognize that we are magnificent individuals with infinite potential. When this happens, life takes on new meaning.

  • 2. Showing you how to take control of your lives. Most people are running on auto-pilot, controlled by what they have been taught to believe and what others expect of them. For their magnificence to blossom, they have to take control.

  • 3. Teaching you to understand your life purpose. Spiritually, each of us is here for a reason, with magnificent gifts to share. Learning about yourself and learning to live in harmony with your purpose is a tremendous gift.

  • 4. Guiding you to realize your purpose. Looking at what you can do to realize your dreams. As you do this, life truly takes on new meaning.

  • 5. Uplifting you to live to the fullest. Think about the joy of feeling excited about being alive each day and moving toward your brightest possible future.


  • The essence of spiritual coaching is tuning into the spiritual journey, helping you to discover and embrace the magnificence of your true identity, and to bring this fully into form.


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