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Pilates for Strong Back, Toned Abdominals and Freedom of Movement

Evolution Pilates


Let me tell you a little about my unique style of Pilates. Many years ago I started out teaching the more ‘standard’ style of Pilates based on Joseph Pilates work.  His work consists of 36 basic mat exercises for complete balance of body and mind. Joseph Pilates was a unique man with an extensive background in various physical disciplines and over time he developed his own system helping many people become stronger, fitter and feel better about themselves.


However, as with anything, it is important to evolve, so I started to experiment with new variations of the basic exercises. The main reason I did this was that I discovered that many people had difficulties with the standard mat exercises. They were simply too difficult. I also quickly discovered that muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hips was a major problem. Most people brought all the tension with them into each exercise and were unable to get the most out of the program for this reason.  


So I realized that I had to modify my exercise program to make it more accessable and that is how I developed Evolution Pilates. The emphasis in Evolution Pilates is, apart from strenghtening the back and abdominals, on release tension in back, neck and shoulders. I have designed many very efficient and unique exercises to deal with this problem. Because of the success I have had with this I now get a huge number of referrals from GP's, osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. Classes fill up quickly!  


Why Evolution Pilates?

•    Less muscular tension

• Helps release stress

• Freedom of movement/enhanced functional fitness

• Improved posture

• Increased core strength/stability/stronger abdominal muscles

• Stronger back

• Prevention of injury

• Improved strength & flexibility

• Better body awareness

• No-impact - easy on the joints

• Improved performance in sports (golf, skiing, skating,

       dance, etc.)

• Improve balance, co-ordination & circulation



Rose-Marie’s Evolution Pilates classes

The class consists of:

- A short warm up, standing up

- Specific exercises to release muscular tension in neck, shoulders & back

- A longer program on the floor with emphasis on abdominals and back

- The use of a variety of small equipment like mini balls, bands etc.

- Deep breathing

- Deep relaxation at the end of the class


The class contains many completely unique and very benefitial exercises, developed by Rose-Marie.


All my Pilates classes are suitable for both complete beginners and more experienced exercisers, but are not suitable for pregnant women. Both men and women are very welcome.  


Please look at our Class Timetable and General Class Information.


We also teach Hatha Yoga and Deep Relaxation.


Classes are held at the Royal British Legion Community Centre, Hall Road, Aylesford nr Maidstone Kent, ME20 7NL and at The Dance Studio, Mallnig School, Beech Road, East Malling ME19 6DH


The Original Pilates Method

PILATES (pih-lah-teez) refers to a method of total body conditioning involving specific exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, performed on a mat (mat based Pilates). The emphasis is on the support and strengthening of what is referred to as the "Power house" - abdomen, buttocks, thighs and lower back. Intense engagement of the muscles in this area produces the dramatic results in posture and body shape that Pilates is famous for. A Pilates workout is engaging, stimulating and fun and is a well-designed program to get your body stronger and more integrated. People leave their sessions feeling relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated. It also functions equally well as a rehabilitation program. Chronic pain or weakness often diminishes or completely vanishes.