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From Stress to Serenity

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From Stress to Serenity

With Yoga

By Rose-Marie Sorokin


In a world full of deadlines and ‘lack of time’, Yoga can provide an invaluable  Breathing Space. A space where we can recover, recharge and rejuvenate and find our Inner Balance.


Yoga is not about trying to get our body into unusual, difficult and painful positions, but about getting in touch with our body and mind in a gentle and conscious way. Every Yoga posture can be done in many different ways, so that each person can work with a posture so that it benefits his or her particular physique, as we are all very different. There is no forcing or struggling involved. Just patience, sensitivity and enjoyment. If we work in this way, Yoga becomes profoundly relaxing yet energising and interesting at the same time. We learn about ourselves, our body, our mind and this takes us from Stress to Serenity. The effects can be felt in just one lesson.


The Yoga practice is a Gift you give yourself and becomes your Sacred time. For many people this becomes very important, as it brings you back to who you really are, because you know that you are not that ‘stressed mum’ or that ‘impatient person at work’ at all – your true nature is to be relaxed and in balance. And with Yoga you come back to that, which provides sanity and balance in a fast paced world and provide glimpses of something bigger than yourself.


Things come into perspective and a slow and gentle shift will occur in your perception. This will ‘spill over’ into your daily life and you will experience more patience, more resilience to stress and other challenges. You deal with things in your life in a better way and you have resources (Yoga) to fall back which will always be there for you.  


It is this that makes Yoga profoundly unique and that is also the reason why it has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years.


Rose-Marie Sorokin, B.A., Dip BWY, has 25 years international experience teaching yoga, pilates, dance, back care, meditation, relaxation and personal & spiritual development. She has been studying yoga extensively with some of the world’s leading teachers.