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Meditation Course


Starting Saturday 22 September


Venue: Capel Morris Centre, RBLI, Hall Road, Aylesford ME20 7NL


Course dates: 4 Saturdays - Saturdays 22 Sep, 6 Oct, 20 Oct and 17 Nov, 10am to 12noon


This will be a course suitable for beginners or those who have done some meditation before, where you will learn simple, easy-to-use meditation and mindfulness techniques to create a more balanced, happy and calm life. You will have the opportunity to try a wide range of meditation styles from Advaita, Vedic, Mindfulness, Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies and also from Rose-Maries own experience and work in this field over the last 25 years.



Meditation is about bringing the mind back from the teeming, noisy chaos of thoughts and emotions to quietness, clarity and silence. Meditation relaxes the body, brings steadiness of mind and opens the heart. It allows you to see your life in a new perspective and brings a greater sense of delight and spontaneity to your everyday life.


Please note: To get the most out of this course I will ask you to meditate 15-20 min per day between sessions. If you feel that this is not something that you can commit to or don't want to do then maybe this course is not for you at this point in time.



What will you learn?

Over the period of 4 sessions I will introduce you to various meditation techniques that will help you destress and use your mind to its full potential.

Teachings include:

What is meditation? Origin, history, science

How to meditate

Stress management

Breathing techniques

Exploring concentration, awareness and several types of meditation techniques


Benefits of meditation

Discover how easy and comfortable meditation can be!

Learn and apply this powerful ancient tool in the midst of your life.


The essence of all great spiritual paths and philosophies is to know the Self, to know the truth.



Rose-Marie Sorokin, B.A., Dip BWY is a qualified and registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher (British Wheel of Yoga) and has more than 20 years experience in the mind-body area. She has studied Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Mindfulness and the Universal Teachings of Meditation. Some of her teachers are Alexander Filmer-Lorch, Godfrey Devereux, Maarten Vermasse and many others.  


Tea/herbal teas and snacks will be served.   Course fee: £120





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Science shows that Meditation changes your Brain

by Rose-Marie Sorokin


When I first started to teach yoga and meditation in the 1990’s I was surprised at how prevalent stress and stress related problems were. Now many years later, it is even worse! Many people come to a crucial point when they feel that they simply have to do something about their stress levels. Instead of relying on medication or stimulants, they now increasingly turn to meditation.


However, people meditate for all sorts of reasons, not only to deal with stress, but to improve relationships, understand themselves better, tap into their potential, increase creativity, find meaning and purpose in life, awaken their spirituality. Whatever your reason is for trying meditation, it is an effective way to experience a sense of peace and well-being.  

In the past, many people thought that meditation was something strange or something that only monks on mountain tops were doing. I am pleased to say that this perception has changed radically! One reason for this is that there is now overwhelming research showing incredible benefits of meditation.


Numerous studies have indicated the many physiological benefits of meditation. An eight week study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks. It’s the very first study to document that meditation produces changes over time in the brain’s grey matter. The study involved taking magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the brain’s of 16 study participants two weeks prior to participating in the study. MRI images of the participants were also taken after the study was completed.


“The analysis of MR images, which focused on areas where meditation-associated differences were seen in earlier studies, found increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection”


Can anyone meditate?

Yes! But it is a good question to ask, as many people think they don't have the temperament for meditation, have tried it briefly only to give up, or they see it as an esoteric discipline without application to their lives. Under the right circumstances, pretty much anybody can concentrate, relax and meditate.


People often confuse meditation with relaxation or some other special state that you have to get to or feel. Some people try to meditate and don’t feel that they are getting anywhere or feel anything special, so they think that they are one of those people who can't do it.


However, meditation is not about feeling a certain way or experiencing anything in particular. It is about being still and feeling the way you feel. It's not about emptying the mind and getting rid of all thoughts, although with time you will experience more stillness and fewer thoughts. Above all, meditation is about letting the mind be as it is and relaxing into that. It is not about reaching a certain goal, but about allowing yourself to be in the moment. It is really very simple, but we love to make it complicated!

“The meditation course was the kindest thing that I have ever done for myself. I practise nearly every day. I used meditation to recover from a major operation, it helped me cope with pain and my speed of recovery. I now feel the healthiest I have felt in years. I feel I have a much better quality of life and my relationships with close family and friends have greatly improved, I'm more understanding and aware of other peoples needs and feelings. I also feel I understand my body on a deeper level and listen to my body and its needs. Overall I have a much more positive attitude to life.” Natalie


"I practise meditation every morning, and I'm also trying to practice mindfulness when I’m walking, both of which I’m finding have made a difference in my life. My life is busy (I live with my family, three generations in total), always involved in the crazy world of children and grandchildren. Since I’ve been developed a regular meditation practice, I have a real sense of inner calm and am less inclined to get caught in all the busyness. This year I made a conscious effort to stop doing some things I wasn't really enjoying and to create space from people who seemed to drain my energy. This would have been difficult for me to do in the past, as I've always found it hard to say ‘No'. Not now! I'm much clearer in my thinking, more decisive and overall, much more at ease with myself and my beliefs." Wendy