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Rejuvenation Day   FULLY BOOKED

One Day Retreat

Yoga - Deep Relaxation - Meditation - Super Health - Self-Care

with Rose-Marie Sorokin & Tim Axon

Special guest speaker: Garry Crouch from Alkalize Me in London

Garry will be giving a talk on his journey from poor health to super health and he will also bring a whole range of his wonderful juices and other products!


Saturday  7 October 2017

10am to 4.00pm

The Seekers Trust, Addington,

West Malling, ME19 5BL


A Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Inspirational Day Retreat

for anyone in need of some personal space and deep relaxation.

Join us for a real treat for body, mind and soul at the beautiful Seekers Trust in Addington, a healing centre for over 70 years.


We believe that it is extremely important to take time out and practice some self-care. We live in a fast-paced world which can be very challenging and affect us on many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A day for yourself can give you the starting point and the inspiration of creating more self-nurturing habits which then will have a positive impact on your energy, general well-being, your health, your mind/emotions and your connection to the deeper aspects of yourself.


Yoga is a complete philosophy/system that works on all levels of your being and creates inner and outer balance and harmony.


Meditation helps you to let go of an over-active mind and develop inner peace. It also helps you to become more centred in your Heart & Intuition.


Yoga, meditation and deep breathing together calm the nervous system and creates balance in all systems in the body.


Raw food/Plant based eating and correct Nutrition has a huge impact on how you feel moment to moment. What you eat effect every system in your body. We would like to share with you some of the latest (and very exciting) information within the field of plant based nutrition.


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What is included:

  • Gentle Hatha Yoga postures + specific exercises to release tension in back, neck, shoulders.

  • Meditation – introduction & how to meditate

  • Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

  • Super Health with Juicing - Talk by Garry Crouch

  • Super healthy, super delicious Raw Food lunch + Energy Juice (juice from Alkalize Me)

  • Tea/herbal teas and Rose-Marie's Raw Sweets & Delights

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  • 10.00-11.30 Gentle Hatha Yoga (suitable for all levels) & Deep Relaxation

  • 11.30-12.30 Introduction to Meditation (talk/workshop)

  • 12.30-1.30 Lunch

  • 1.30-2.30 Super Health with Juicing - Talk by Garry Crouch from Alkalize Me

  • 2.30 Tea + an opportunity to buy Garry's wonderful juices and snacks!

  • 3.00-4.00 Restorative Yoga & Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)


Rose-Marie Sorokin, B.A., Dip BWY has more than 30 years experience in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Personal & Spiritual Development. She writes regularly on all the above subjects and is currently working on her forthcoming book 'The Miracle of Yes'.


Tim Axon, Dip ION is a nutrition consultant with over 30 years experince in all aspects of Nutrition and is a former lecturer and course tutor in Advanced Nutrition (BCNH, London).


Special guest teacher Garry Crouch, founder of Alkalize Me, producer of organic raw, cold pressed, biodynamic juices and snacks. 

"After a lifetime of following the 'Standard Western Diet' (lots of meat, dairy and processed foods), I found myself in a poor state of health. Overweight, sick and stressed out. Sadly in today's society, this state is almost considered 'normal'!


After having my 'wake up' moment I knew I had to take massive action to detoxify myself from a cellular level and embarked on a transformational journey of health and wellness that continues to be an exhilarating and life affirming path to freedom. After initially consuming only raw, juiced fruit and vegetables for 80 days, I found the changes in me so profound that I knew I had to share these 'secrets' with the world."

How to Book:


Price: £60  (sorry no refunds)


By Cheque:

Payable to R. Sorokin. Please send cheque

+ name, address, tel and email  to:

Inner Light Yoga & Health Co, 5 Mill Hall, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7JN  


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