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Sorokin Method -

Article on Back Pain

by Rose-Marie Sorokin


Free Your Back with the Sorokin Method


“I collapsed in the street one day in agony. People came up to me and asked if they should call an ambulance”. I said, “no it is just my sciatica.” This is what Peter, one of my clients, first told me when he enquired about the Sorokin Method. He told me he had tried ‘everything’ to get rid of the debilitating pain and to improve his mobility. He had been to his GP, who gave him painkillers (which he didn’t want to take long term due to side affects), he had been to see a physiotherapist, an osteopath, chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist. It all helped for a while, but then it was back to square one again.


What Peter told me was nothing new to me as I had heard similar stories many times before in my Yoga and Pilates classes. In fact, many osteopaths, physiotherapists and GP’s refer their patients to me if they are either unable to help or their treatment is not providing a more complete resolution of the problem.


However, what I soon began to notice was that when someone was referred to me with a very painful back my general Yoga and Pilates classes  were not suitable for them as they were too difficult for these clients that often had very restricted mobility, extremely tense back muscles and were often in pain.    


With an ‘epidemic’ of back problems and so many people asking for my help, I realised that a new approach was needed and I started to design a brand new program, specifically for people with pain, tension and discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders. The Sorokin Method was born! With my 25 years in the body work area I had come to realise that muscular tension is a huge problem and actually one of the main reasons for back problems.


The emphasis in The Sorokin Method is therefore on releasing tension, mainly around the spine, from the hips & buttocks all the way up to the neck. We do this by placing different sizes of balls in various places and using gentle mini-movements to encourage the muscle fibres to lengthen and release tightness.


We also work with ‘whole body movement’ (movements that incorporate the whole body rather than just one area such as legs or arm), muscular retraining (re-learning how to move more efficiently), correct breathing (using the diaphragm) and deep relaxation.


To my delight the results were virtually immediate! People who had suffered years of severe back pain could suddenly start gardening again, felt that their posture was much better, felt more light and positive and more relaxed.


Many people have continued coming to this class even after their back pain has gone as they find the class extremely relaxing and beneficial for both body and mind – and it also works as a preventative technique. This class is suitable for anyone (regardless of age and fitness level) who has any muscular tension, discomfort or pain or who is suffering from stress as it is very gentle and deeply relaxing.


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