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The Sorokin Method - So much more than Back Care






















The Sorokin Method Back Care:

A Unique, Effective and Innovative Program for your Back (and Body)


A totally unique, therapeutic exercise/movement program for back/neck/shoulder/hip pain, stiffness and discomfort designed by Rose-Marie Sorokin who has 25 years experience in this area. A very gentle, soothing, healing, relaxing and extremely effective program for relseasing muscular tension, back pain, anxiety and stress.


The main aim of The Sorokin Method is to help anyone with any of the above problems. It is a programme that anybody can do, regardless of age and fitness level, and it will also be highly benefitial for anybody suffering from stress and anxieety. You will feel a difference in just one session.


The main principles of The Sorokin Method


I have designed a truly holistic method, working on the whole body (not just the back) and mind, but with specific exercises to release pain, tension and stiffness in primarily the back, neck and shoulders. There are 7 main components that makes The Sorokin Method really work.


1. Releasing muscular tension

2. Muscular Retraining/Functional movement – Moving with ease

3. Posture and Balance

4. Body-Mind Focus

5. Correct breathing

6. Relaxation

7. A Hydrated and Alkalised body


Class structure:


•     Gentle warm up/whole body movements

• Gentle stretches

• Connecting with the Breath & Body

• A series of Tension Releasing Floor Exercises

• Functional movement

• Deep relaxation




     Release from back and neck pain

• Release from muscular tension and stiffness

• Increased mobility and ease of movement

• Prevention of recurring back problems

• Better body-mind connection and awareness

• Improved alignment

• Better posture

• Improved circulation

• Better breathing

• Detoxifying effect

• More energy

    Better sleep

• Better quality of life

• A sense of deep relaxation

• Feeling mentally alert, light and positive

• Long term wellbeing





Back pain

What people are

saying about

The Sorokin Method


I have found the Sorokin Method of immense benefit to my lower back and pelvic area. The use of the balls has been an effective and innovative way of relaxing my painfully taut muscles. I have particularly benefited from the clear, concise and patient instructions that Rose-Marie gives during the class. The classes have been a source of great comfort and support to me and they have taught me how to get relief from painful episodes. Julia Freeman.



After every class I feel incredibly relaxed. My back feels loose and flexible and I am amazed by how my neck turns more easily from relaxing all that tension. Rose-Marie’s teaching has a relaxing feel about it, and she gives you plenty of time to get the best out of each movement. A thoroughly enjoyable class! Jane Barnes.


'The Sorokin Method is a must for people with back problems. Rose-Marie has designed a very easy and effective class which you can also do at home.

It has helped me to reduce a lot of tension in my  lower and upper back, especially the lower back, and I am now working at home to improve my upper back. After the class my back feels very warm and the muscles more relaxed and I sleep much better at night.' Margaret Farrell, Kent


‘I have found the Sorokin Method very beneficial. The exercises have helped relieve the pain of arthritis and my energy levels have increased. I feel very relaxed and energised after class’. Janice Lane.


‘Since starting the Sorokin method, my lower and mid back problems have almost melted away. I can bend to garden now without twinges and pain. Getting out of bed and chairs are no problem now. Rose-Marie makes the exercises simple but effective and with her encouragement I can do many of them at home. I am amazed at how much I have improved in just five weeks. Tricia Willson.


‘Very successful course. My back pain was reduced to a minimum after just one session! Simple, effective exercises. Very good and refreshing.’ Jim Parrott.


‘I have found the classes very beneficial. For example I can now get up in the morning without being so stooped over. After class I definitely felt my back to me much more flexible and I was not is so much discomfort.’ Carmel Hart.


‘I have found that the exercises releases inflammation in my lower back/sciatic nerve area – a great relief to me personally!. I also feel that I am able to move much more freely after a session. Rose-Marie has obviously researched her subject thoroughly and explains each procedure very well. The classes are conducted at a nice, easy pace and I can drop in and out of any of the exercises when I need to so that I am not overdoing it.’ Ann Brown.


Next Course (6 sessions):

Start: Sat 15 Feb 2014


Capel Morris Centre, RBLI

Hall Road

Aylesford ME20 7NL

Course dates - 6 sessions:

15/2,22/2, 1/3, 15/3, 22/3, 5/4


Course fee £108

Includes full manual

The Sorokin Method

- Release your Back

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